Toddler named ambassador for organization helping families of children with Down syndrome

A local little boy is doing his part to change the way the world sees Down syndrome. He's an international ambassador for a Down syndrome organization and his family hopes he serves as an inspiration to millions.

"He recently learned how to walk so he's been on the move," his mother told FOX 29.

2-year-old Augustus has come a long way since he was born. His mother, Paula, found out when she was 13 weeks pregnant that her beautiful baby boy had Down syndrome.

"He's got his own personality. There's things he's good at and there's things he struggles with but that's pretty much every kid," said Paula.

His playful personality is irresistible. Paula and her husband, Michael, say a support network called Nothing Down has helped them to help their son thrive like any other child.

"He knows his colors and he's learning how to count," said Paula. "There's not a whole lot they've put in front of him that he has not yet tackled," she said. His latest achievement is being named one of several dozen 2019 International Ambassadors for Nothing Down.

Auggie was recently part of a documentary called Dear Doctor. It focuses on parents finding out their child has Down syndrome. He's also featured in a calendar and a lot of social media posts.

"I want to be able to help someone else who may have just found out and let them see that he is amazing," she said. While Paula hopes other families will be inspired by Auggie's journey, every day she too is inspired by her little boy.

"He's teaching us how to teach him because we did not know how to do this and we're learning with him," she said. Right now, Auggie is helping promote World Down Syndrome Day which is March 21.

For more information on Nothing Down, please click here.