Toomey refuses to answer question: Will he vote for Trump?

With just five more days until Election Day, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey says he is still undecided in the 2016 presidential election.

However, for Toomey, it is not a matter of whether he will cast his vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Instead, Toomey is undecided on whether or not he was cast a vote for the republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, at all.

Toomey's has been open about his indecision, and issue was the focus of his own race for senate during a recent debate, when his opponent Katie McGinty touched on the matter a number of times.

Thursday morning on Good Day Philadelphia, Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley asked Toomey point-blank whether he would vote for Donald Trump, despite his misgivings.

Toomey did not answer the question.

"Like a lot of Pennsylvanians and a lot of Americans, I am very disappointed with the choice that we have," Toomey stated.

"I have a lot of problems with Donald Trump. I have been very public about my criticisms when I've disagreed with him, and I've said so," Toomey added, "On the other hand I think he would sign some legislation that would be constructive if he were to become constructive, if he were to become president, like repeal of Obamacare, and maybe restoring sanctions on Iran."

When asked if he would announce his decision to supporters his decision before Election Day, Toomey says he "probably will."

The first-term Toomey is among the Senate's most endangered Republicans, running for re-election in Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania after compiling one of the most conservative voting records in Congress. The GOP is struggling to keep its 54-46 Senate majority, and the neck-and-neck race could tip control to Democrats.

So far, a key part of Toomey's campaign strategy is to show his independence from his party, like his refusal to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.