Transgender Man Who Birthed Daughter: It Looked Like I Had A Big Beer Belly

After nearly a decade of living as a man Kayden Coleman was surprised to learn that he was going to have a baby.

Kayden told INSIDE EDITION that he became pregnant because he had stopped taking his hormones for six weeks, in order to prepare his body for a double mastectomy and it was during that time doctors believe he became pregnant.

"When I found out that I was pregnant I was shocked," Kayden told INSIDE EDITION, I kind of knew it could be a possibility but I didn't all at the same time because I had been on hormones for so long."

Doctors confirmed to Kayden and his husband Elijah that he was 21 weeks along.

Kayden said that most in public most people didn't even notice he was expecting. "When I was pregnant I just looked I had a really big beer belly," he told IE.

Kayden and Elijah had to share the news with family and friends, many of whom did not know that Kayden was transgender.

Even though the couple did not plan on becoming parents they now can't imagine life without their now two-year-old daughter Azaelia.

"Life has definitely changed, its crazy how much life changed actually," Kayden said to IE, "Priorities changed, things that I thought were important before have very little significance in life. My life revolves Azealia, around our kid and our family. Everything I do is to better us, to make sure we are all okay."

Kayden hopes to share their story with his daughter when she is able to grasp the concept.

"We plan on telling Azealia the full story about who her parents are mainly because I'm not ashamed to be me," Kayden told to INSIDE EDITION, "It's don't think it's anything that I would keep a secret from her. Because eventually she's going to want to know."

"Plan to raise her to be accepting and tolerant of anyone, regardless of how different they may be or how unlike her they are."

The couple hopes that when people hear their story they'll be more accepting of all humans around the world.

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