Trees down, power out after brief storm packs a punch, leaving residents in the dark in Montgomery County

Downed trees and wires are what’s left behind after Wednesday night’s storms rolled through Jenkintown, leaving quite a mess, including roads blocked from fallen trees along Old York Road.

Additionally, neighbors on Runnemede Avenue are without power.

"We were in our house getting ready for bed and, fortunately, my kids were asleep and I heard a crazy wind. I thought my windows were gonna blow open," homeowner Trish Brokenshire explained.

Brokenshire came out of her home Thursday morning to see lots of downed trees along her quaint street. "I was just so grateful that it didn’t do any damage to our cars. We had a car parked outside, or to anybody just walking. In the short amount of time, how many trees came down was pretty crazy."

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Just down the street, neighbor Lisa Smith echoed the sentiment as crews worked to clear her yard. "It felt like a freight train was coming through. Just so loud and crazy and only lasted for about 10 minutes," she said. "We have these great old trees, but one of them fell on a telephone pole, snapped it in half and pulled the wires off our houses, over here."

Crews worked Thursday to get the roads clear.

"So, not only is the power grid down for this entire block, but there’s at least a couple of houses where it’s detached completely and we need someone to hook us back up," Smith continued.

Residents are hopeful it doesn't last too long.

"I think, going forward, I think we just have to be prepared for these storms in the summertime. Everything seems to get a little bit worse," Brokenshire commented, while Smith added, "When Hurricane Sandy went through, we were without power for almost three weeks and so, we’re all talking about how we don’t wanna relive that. It wasn’t great."

The silver lining is there were no injuries.