Twins of pregnant woman who was shot die after being born

A woman, who was shot while pregnant with twins, has sadly lost those two babies after going into early labor at a hospital on Saturday.

Lakira Renee Johnson, 21, was an innocent bystander caught in a retribution shooting on August 30 as she walked out of a store in the 1300 block of Brentwood Road. The incident nearly took the life of Johnson, an expectant young mother who was five months pregnant. However, the shooting did take the life of her two baby girls, Heaven and Nevaeh, who were delivered early on Saturday and then died later that day.

Johnson is still in a hospital as on Wednesday evening. The bullet passed through her stomach, and out her back. Acting police Chief Peter Newsham spoke with Johnson in the hospital.

"Well she's upset as you might imagine, she just… you know having children in my life is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I imagine to others as well, and to NOT be able to have those children is devastating. But I can tell you she did have a positive outlook for the future," said Newsham with Metropolitan Police Department.

According to officials - they've connected Johnson's shooting with two D.C. murders in just the past few days. The night before Johnson was shot, 24-year-old Tony Gates was murdered on the 1000 block of Road Island Avenue, and on September 2, 28-year-old Lamar Paris was gunned down on the 2500 block of 14th street NE.

Officials released video of the suspects they are searching for. Authorities say she was one of two bystanders wounded by gunfire. No arrests have been made.

Have any information on this shooting? Call D.C. police tip line at 202-272-9099. (WATCH VIDEO)