Two South Jersey brothers manage food pantry in front yard to help those in need

Two brothers are finding a way to pass the time, while waiting for work to pick up. It’s a new workflow for 16-year-old Zach Franz and his 11-year-old brother John from Marlton, New Jersey. They created and now actively manage a makeshift food pantry in their front yard.

“We took two old shelves with the help of our Nono. We made it into a pantry, took doors out, put plexiglass in, so you can see inside.” Zack said.


“We came up with the idea because we kept seeing it on the news. How many people relied on the school lunches and now are struggling to get food.” John added.

For the brother’s pantry, there is an open door take what you need policy and more often than not, people who stop by their Colonial Avenue home are people that are wishing to contribute.The service project has been a force for establishing a bond between the two boys that their mom, Christy, says she doesn’t usually see.

“It’s great that they’re both working together because they don’t get along well on a normal day.” Christy explained.

The brothers say that they plan to drop some of their items off at a local food bank and are restocking their shelves to help make sure that the people who need these supplies are getting them.

“We’re united at a bad time like this, we’re here for each other.” Zach said.

Zach and John say that they would love to help others out in the area, you can find their food pantry on Colonial Avenue in Marlton, New Jersey.


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