Upcoming Season 3 of ‘Duncanville’ on FOX ‘just gets crazier’

The animated family comedy "Duncanville" is back for a new season! 

The series, which returns to FOX Sunday for its third season, centers around a spectacularly average 15-year-old boy Duncan, voiced by Emmy Award-winning actress Amy Poehler, who can see adulthood on the horizon: money, freedom, cars and girls. But the reality is more like: always being broke, driving with your mom sitting shotgun and babysitting your little sister. 

The series also features the voices of many other well-known actors including Emmy Award winner Ty Burrell ("Modern Family") and Riki Lindhome ("Garfunkel and Oates: Trying to be Special," "Another Period.")


Duncan and his friends visit a Twitch star’s private island, only to end up hunted in a viral event for charity. Meanwhile, Jack and Annie look through a photo album and realize Jack spent a night in jail that Annie didn’t know about in the “Gamer vs

Burrell and Lindhome told FOX TV Stations Group working on the show is "so much fun" and hope viewers have a blast watching.

"It’s the greatest job ever. It’s just so freeing. You get to be way bigger than you could be in anything else — in real life or in another acting job," Lindhome told FOX. "You get to, like, play and with the funniest people and the best writing and the nicest people and the best show. There’s nothing better." 

Burrell continued: "We’re lucky enough to do a table read of every script, which is just a total highlight of my week because the cast all the way down to the people doing two or three lines an episode are in the improv world or in the comedy world and are all kind-of legends," adding, "I really do believe that these are the strongest episodes that we’ve made, and I hope people agree." 

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Burrell is widely known for his role in the long-running series "Modern Family." The beloved comedy ended its run in 2020 after 11 seasons.

"We have a text thread that comes up every few days or every week or two with whatever’s happening in everybody’s lives," Burrell shared of his former ‘Modern Family’ castmates. "We miss each other for sure." 


Duncan and his friends visit a Twitch star’s private island, only to end up hunted in a viral event for charity in new season of Duncanville. (Credit: Duncanville © 2022 by 20th Television, Universal Television LLC and Fox Media LLC.)

Cast members of "Duncanville" include Betsy Sodaro ("Another Period," "Disjointed"), Yassir Lester ("Making History") and Zach Cherry ("You," "Crashing"), Joy Osmanski ("Stargirl"), Rashida Jones ("Parks and Recreation," "Angie Tribeca") and Wiz Khalifa ("American Dad!," "BoJack Horseman").

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In Sunday’s premiere episode, Duncan and his friends will visit a Twitch star’s private island, only to end up hunted in a viral event for charity, but Lindhome teased Season 3 "just gets wilder" as the season progresses. 

"That kind of sets the room tone, and it just gets crazier from there," Lindhome continued.

The all-new "Gamer vs. Gamer" season premiere episode of "Duncanville" airs Sunday, May 1 (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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