Upper Salford church serves as FEMA food distribution site for families in need

Cars of families pulled up at old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church in Harleysville Upper Salford Township Friday evening. It's set up like a drive-thru for families that need a little help to pick up food for free. A team of church members loaded each car with boxes of food for each family member.


"It ends up being 21 meals each individual gets so you'll have entire families with a week’s worth or two week’s worth of food sometimes," said Pastor Kevin Park. He says they started this week after a dozen National Guardsmen dropped off more than 12,000 meals.

"The township let us know of an opportunity to help serve meals to the affected community those who are unemployed at this time so we put in an application with FEMA to be a distribution site," said Pastor Park. Inside Assistant Pastor Bruce Clydesdale shows us what's inside the boxes.

"Goodies like Pop-Tarts, animal crackers, cereal, Chef Boyardee. The next box here this is the civilian version given out during national disasters by FEMA so these would just be taken home and heated up in a microwave and then we have MRE version military version for in the field," he said.

Geneva Kenny and her daughter Cassidy came by.

"It's hard to even get to the grocery store anymore with all this going on and it's really a blessing to be able to come here," said Kenny.

Pastor Park says it's wonderful to be able to give back especially after the community rallied around the historic church last year. At the end of May strong storms with 110 mph winds damaged the property consisting of eight buildings.

It needed tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

"It's a wonderful blessing in others times of need to be able to return the favor," said Pastor Park.


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