'Vaccine Angels' help people book vaccination appointments

A group of local women known as the "Vaccine Angels" figured out how to get appointments for their family members to get the COVID-19 vaccine. They then started helping friends, and now they’ve set up a network of volunteers to help people navigate the confusion and get their appointments. 

"Everybody is desperate, Everybody wants this vaccine, so I started to help others," Melinda McCann said.

It all started when McCann, of Exton, tried to get her mom and dad, who are both in their 70s, vaccinated.

"I went online and there were 4,000 in line at Rite Aid. I was shocked when I finally got through and got an appointment," she said.

That's when McCann realized there were so many other seniors out there who needed a hand. She enlisted the help of her sister Mary Richards and cousin Alica Karr to get other family members vaccinated. Then word began to spread.

"We've heard so many stories of you know people who say I haven't seen my family, I haven't seen my children, my grandchildren, you know, in a year," Richards explained.

The women now spend hours online checking websites looking for appointments.

"There's no magic, but you do have to be persistent," Karr said.

McCann and Richards put their mom to work to confirming appointments and sending out emails.

The thanks they get makes it all worthwhile.

"We've seen random strangers send these emails or these messages saying you are an angel, or you are a lifesaver. Thank you. It's extremely rewarding," McCann added.


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