Venomous copperhead snake bites YouTuber recording video on Maryland trail

A YouTuber trying to get in touch with nature got more than he bargained for when a venomous snake bit him while he was hiking on a Maryland trail.

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Steven Johnson, who posts as YouTuber DOUBLEO (obsession outdoors), was recording himself on a hike through the Marshy Point Nature Center in Baltimore County when he felt the copperhead bite him on his leg.

Johnson said he accidentally stepped on the snake when it bit him. In the video he shows the bloody marks near his ankle and shows him calling to a hiker for help.


Credit: DOUBLEO (obsession outdoors) via Storyful

Johnson is then seen in the ambulance and in the hospital after receiving a dose of anti-venom.

"Respect snakes by giving them plenty of room—at least 10 feet, to be safe—and they will usually leave you alone," the National Park Service says on its website. "Remember, snakes do not view humans as prey, but they will attack if they feel threatened, usually when you’re too close. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, seek medical attention immediately."