Victim of Germantown assault awarded Medal of Courage next to Rocky Statue

A Philadelphia man is feeling the love from the City of Brotherly Love after a video of boys assaulting him went viral. A reluctant hero, he's being honored for staying positive after enduring a terrible cruelty.

Mark Smith was waiting for his bus on Germantown Avenue when a group of boys ages 12-15 targeted him. Two punched him while the other two laughed.

Smith has an intellectual disability and, off the bat, never told anyone about the assault. Now, he's getting love from around the world. On Sunday, Smith felt that love in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The Teach Anti-Bullying organization presented him with a Medal of Courage, draping the medal around his neck with the Rocky statue fittingly beside him.

"You have now become one of Philly's greatest heroes as well," the presenter said. "We'd like to promote you and honor you with our anti-bullying medal of honor for courageous behavior.

Leaders from the Teach Anti-Bullying group also presented Smith with a signed photo of his favorite athlete, Stef Curry.

In related news, police did arrest the two boys who punched him.