Video: Boat gets stuck in frozen Pittsburgh river

A boat left in a Pittsburgh river will likely sink soon after getting stuck in a frozen river.

Video from William Bara shows the boat practically buried by ice after temperatures dipped down to -5 degrees over Christmas weekend. A week later, the temperatures are in the 50s, which spells trouble for the boat, Bara told Storyful.

"Very rarely do the 3 rivers in Pittsburgh ever freeze, but this boat was left in the water not knowing the temperature was about to dip to -5° F," Bara told Storyful. "Now it is 60° F and it’s defrosting and about to sink to the bottom."

It was the coldest Christmas in decades for much of the U.S. Nearly 94 million were under Wind Chill advisories on Christmas morning from North Dakota to Miami.

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The winter weather claimed dozens of lives, most of them in western New York, where a major blizzard crippled Buffalo and surrounding areas. At least 40 people died, some of them found stranded in homes, on streets and in cars. The death toll there surpassed that of the area’s notorious blizzard of 1977. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.