Video captures gun battle in broad daylight near Chester High School

Surveillance video captured a wild shootout between two men near Chester High School in broad daylight. Police are hoping the public can identify the gunmen.

This video was recorded around 8 a.m. Friday at a corner store at 10th and Parker Avenue, just down the street from Chester High School.

The video starts with two men appearing to walk by one another on Parker but suddenly the guns go up. The video shows them using an SUV as a barrier as they shoot around it and through it.

"I’m hoping and praying things get better around here because it’s a disaster in the city. I’m scared for my grandchildren," Sauda Muhammad told FOX 29. 

The latest violence was enough for Muhammad to pull her granddaughters out of school for the day. 

Chester police say someone shot a 15-year-old and 17-year-old, both students, on West 8th Street Thursday afternoon. Both victims were taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center. 

According to police, the shootout Friday between the two adults had nothing to do with the students shot the previous day.

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Chester police say overall they are seeing an increase in violence with nearly 30 shootings this month and last month combined. Police and city officials are increasing patrols around Chester High School and have planned community events starting next week.

Anyone with information should contact the Chester Police Department at 610-447-7931.