Video shows man with dead raccoon carcass on San Francisco McDonald's table

A man who stopped by a McDonald's for breakfast on his way to work Sunday, was met with a repulsive sight.

As Chris Brooks approached the McDonald's at 16th and Potrero he noticed what appeared to be the carcass of a large, dead raccoon on a table in front of a man.

Brooks pulled out his phone and took to Facebook live to share what he was witnessing with his friends.

Brooks described the raccoon as "stiff as a board," as he warned others who were approaching the door of the restaurant.

At one point, an employee in the background appears to try to get the man to leave the restaurant.

The video shows another person inside the restaurant carrying the raccoon by the tail before discarding the animal into a trashcan outside. There was a trail of blood left through the restaurant.

Brooks can be heard saying, "Only in San Francisco." In the video he says he's never coming back to that McDonald's location.

Multiple times an appalled Brooks said, "They need to call the health department." He added, "They need to lock the door. I wouldn't eat s*it out of there."

KTVU reached out to the San Francisco Department of Health who said they are aware of the incident and were going to the restaurant Wednesday.

At the end of the video Brooks says he was going to work and would have to get something to eat for lunch. He made a plea to his Facebook friends that someone could bring him food to work.