Video Shows Robbers Breaking into Pet Store, Stealing 6 Puppy Bulldogs

(INSIDE EDITION) Police say four men robbed six puppies from a Houston pet store and the store manager is fearing for the safety of the poor pooches.

The dognappers busted the lock on Pet City Houston's front door with a sledgehammer Saturday morning, prying it open with crow bars.

During the break-in, caught on store surveillance, the bandits grabbed six 8-10 week old bulldogs, four English and two French.

The dogs go for $3,500-5,000 each.

"People steal them because they know what they are worth. Our bulldogs are bred by a veterinarian so they are really good," said John Ethridge, the store's manager.

And they had no shame, smashing the glass enclosure the dogs were in and putting them all into one cage before fleeing the store in a white Chevrolet pickup truck, according to Ethridge.

The men left one little French bulldog behind, who had a cut from the glass they broke, Ethridge said.

But, Ethridge is more concerned about whether the stolen dogs are okay, considering their breed is prone to overheating if left outside for too long.

"Being in that one cage can suffocate them and get hot pretty quick we hope they are all okay."

Police are still investigating the crime.