VIDEO: Young Girl Falls Two Stories in Mall After Escalator Incident

RUSSIA (WTXF)- Shocking video out of Russia shows the horrifying moment a young girl fell from the side of an escalator inside of a mall.

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube by Live Leak Tuesday.

According to the video description, a five-year-old girl named Linara, was captured on video playing by the escalator at a shopping mall in Novy Urengoy. Meanwhile, a woman identified as her aunt is standing short distance away and talking on her phone.

The girl is then pulled up by the escalator belt, dragging her over the side of the railing.

Linara's aunt rushes over and attempts to grab her by the hand, but her grip slips, sending the girl into a two-story free fall.

Despite the fall, the girl reportedly escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

Live Leak writes that the woman reportedly fainted after her niece fell to the floor.