Viral photo captures firefighters comforting young kids

(INSIDE EDITION)--A photo of the two kind-hearted firefighters comforting a pair of children after a Texas car accident has gone viral.

Firefighters Sam Berry and Jared Davis of the Amarillo Fire Department in Texas said what they did was just a part of their job, according to KFDA.

"Every guy on the job has probably done this, we just happened to get photographed," Davis, a seven-year member of the department, said. "I'm a firm believer that compassion is a form of medicine."

Thankfully, the two children, who are not identified, were not injured in the wreck that took place earlier this month. They were just shaken up, according to reports.

The photo, which the department shared on Facebook, on Monday has been shared almost 1,000 times.

They captioned it, "It's not always just medical treatment we provide."

Facebook users wrote in commending Davis and Berry for their compassion.

"We are all so proud and blessed by our superb, compassionate, reliable first responders! Thanks for your dedication and genuine concern in all you do for our community," one commenter wrote.

Davis told the station it was nice to see the photo circulating.

"It's just what we do," Davis said.