Viral video shows flight attendant calming down toddler on late-night flight

A flight attendant who went above and beyond on a late-night flight is being lauded after a heartwarming video of her went viral.

On Monday, February 12, while traveling from Honolulu to Los Angeles, a toddler was reportedly heard crying for at least a half hour.

Passenger Rachel Yuen says the toddler's mother, who had two other children with her, turned into an "acrobat" trying to keep her children calm, but to no avail.

As fellow passengers gave the mother the 'stink eye,' a Hawaii Airlines flight attendant reportedly stepped in to help.

"The mother seemed reluctant, embarrassed and at her wits end. She had tried for at least 45 minutes and nothing worked. The toddler reached out and the flight attendant rocked him… Up and down the aisle until he finally gave in. This is true Aloha spirit," Yuen wrote.

Yeun's video had earned over 753,000 views at time of writing.