Volunteer Saves Neglected Pup From Being Put Down

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) When she got into my car after I lifted her she started to give me kisses. When I got in the drivers seat she was kissing me from the back seat as well," said Jamie Crowley. She's nursing Minnie, a one year old Terrier-mix she named Minnie, back to health.

"She definitely loves her food so she's enjoying getting her mini meals every few hours," said Jamie who stepped in during the final hour to save Minnie who was on the urgent list at risk for being put down. Her owners gave her up to the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia last Friday. Jamie, a volunteer for the Delaware County SPCA, rushed to pick her up last night before she would be put down.

"Last night when I picked her up from ACCT I could see the fleas still crawling on her face. When I brought her home last night I gave her a bath in Dawn dish soap to suffocate the fleas. There was a lot of dirt on her coat so she seemed like a very dark color and today she's a light color and her coat is extremely soft."

Jamie who is already a foster parent to four kittens and has her own rescue dog says she just wanted to give this precious pup a chance at life.

"My hope is that she goes into a loving home just like I love her," said Jamie who says the Delaware County SPCA is looking for a permanent home for Minnie.

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