VP nominee Tim Kaine to speak in Lehigh Valley

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine will be speaking in Northampton County, Wednesday afternoon.

Organizers say Kaine will lay out the stakes of November's election and urge Pennsylvanians to support his and Hillary Clinton's vision of an America that is stronger together, with an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

His speech is set to start at about 1:30pm at the Hanover Township Community Center, at 3660 Jacksonville Road in Bethlehem.

Pennsylvania is expected to be an important battleground state in November.

Tuesday in Erie, the Virginia senator described Donald Trump's campaign as a con job, saying the Republican nominee has "utterly failed" to answer basic questions about his finances and background.

Kaine ticked through a list of areas in which he says Trump is being too secretive. Those areas include his finances, foreign ties, taxes and even his health.

Kaine questioned his business ties to Russia, suggesting Trump would not prevent Russia from invading American allies. Trump has been critical of the NATO alliance.

And Kaine pushed back against Trump's allegations that Hillary Clinton is in poor health. He told the crowd he can barely keep up with the Democratic nominee on the campaign trail, adding "Hillary Clinton is one tough and one healthy person."