Waitress Gets $3K Tip from College Football Fans

Tips for Jesus stopped by Bourbon House last night. What a great human being! He just made a Cocktail Server's year. He loves great whiskey. We'll look over the fact that he's a Michigan fan! @tipsforjesus

(Fox News) - College football season is back in full swing, and that was great news for one lucky Salt Lake City waitress.

Breanne Snow was finishing her shift at the Bourbon House last Thursday when a large group of University of Michigan football fans entered the restaurant. They were in town for Michigan's game against the University of Utah.

Evidently, the Wolverines' 24-17 loss to the Utes didn't leave the group in a sour mood, because a mystery tipper in the party had an amazing surprise for Snow.

After the meal, which seemed normal, Snow picked up the receipt and realized that she was given a $3,000 tip on a tab of $505.

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