Watch: 2 rescued out of sinking vehicle in North Jersey pond; 'I got your purse'

Caught on camera, police in Morris County, New Jersey pulled two people from a submerged vehicle in Pequannock Township April 2. The vehicle was submerged in a retention pond and dramatic police body cam footage showed the rescue efforts unfold.

Officials with the Pequannock Township Police said the driver of the vehicle went into the pond at Cedar Crest Senior Living Community. Police, medics, the Pequannock Fire Department and Cedar Crest Security pulled the driver and a passenger to safety as the car was filling with water.

Police body cam footage showed the moments leading to the police officer jumping and grabbing one of the two occupants from the vehicle. The body cam footage was in surprisingly good shape after a short time in the water. The officer lamented, "the same can’t be said" for that officer’s boots.

One of the rescued motorists, having been rescued, anxiously asks about her purse, at which point, one of the first responders’ answers, "I got your purse."

There were no details regarding how the vehicle came to be in the water or whether there were injuries to the driver or the passenger.

Credit: Pequannock Township Police via Storyful