WATCH: 5 terrorist targets and a moving vehicle, obliterated at once

Call this can't-miss video from the Defense Department! That's because members of the anti-ISIS coalition performed powerfully in this newly-released video from July 5.

According to The Daily Mail, airstrikes took out five terrorist targets at once, plus one moving vehicle near Manbij, Syria.

Then, "a split second later," the news site reports, "precision airpower explodes five targets simultaneously, blasting a series of buildings linked to the violent extremists."Manbij is an ISIS hub and lies on a key supply route to the Islamic State group's de facto capital of Raqqa. If Manbij is captured by the U.S.-backed fighters, it will be the biggest strategic defeat for IS in Syria since July 2015, when the extremist group lost the border town of Tal Abyad.

The DoD says the strikes were conducted as part of Operation ‪#‎InherentResolve, whose goal is to operation to eliminate the ISIS terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, and other countries.

The destruction of ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq further limits the group's ability to project terror and conduct operations.

Thursday, the Manbij Military Council, which is part of the U.S.-supported Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, gave Islamic State militants 48 hours to leave Manbij without a fight. A statement by the group called it a last-ditch effort to protect civilian lives and the "only and last" opportunity for ISIS militants to "leave the town alive."

So far, SDF fighters have avoided an all-out assault to minimize civilian casualties. However, airstrikes in the countryside blamed on the coalition have killed scores of civilians in the past few days, including children.

The statement also accused ISIS of using civilians as human shields and said it would allow the group a last opportunity to leave the town with their "individual weapons" to a location of their choice.