Watch Passenger Run on to Tarmac to Chase Down Plane He Missed

Denver, CO (Inside Edition) A video shows a passenger running out on the tarmac and frantically trying to flag down a plane after missing his flight from Denver International Airport.

The man, later identified as 58-year-old Marc Rehmar, actually stopped the driver towing the United Airlines plane from the gate and begged to be let on board. Within seconds, Rahmer was detained by the ground crew.

On Wednesday, Rehmar pleaded guilty to tampering was sentenced to probation and community service.

After watching the footage from the August incident, airline security expert Gregory Feith couldn't believe it.

He told INSIDE EDITION: "We all laugh at the fact that he is running after a plane like he is chasing a cab. The fact is, he presented a significant danger. The mentality of some of these folks just amazes me with some of their actions."

According to court documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION, "after arriving late for his flight [Rehmar] forcibly pushed open an alarmed door... Chased down a tug driver and insisted on boarding the aircraft."

Rehmar was heading to his home town of Columbus, Ohio for the Eastmoor High School class of 1975 reunion - and now his high school buddies are coming to his defense.

"We all feel badly for him. He is an intelligent capable man who is very well respected. He has been through Hell," one of the organizers told INSIDE EDITION.

Rehmar never did make it to the reunion but his former classmate Larry Bogante says in the end it really wasn't worth getting arrested for.

"I think it is insane what he did," Bogante said.

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