'We can help Chicken Man become Vegan Man': PETA asks Philly Chicken Man to go vegan

The Philadelphia Chicken Man is being asked to go vegan.

PETA asked Alexander Tominsky, Wednesday, to take his food challenge a step further and go vegan 40 days, while also viewing video showing how chickens are raised for food.

Tominsky gained notoriety by consuming 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days.

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By the 40th day, Tominsky urged folks to come out to an abandoned pier in South Philadelphia, rolled out a literal red carpet and was cheered on by dozens of people as he downed the last chicken.

PETA urged Tominsky to turn a corner in a different health direction and offered to send him a vegan starter kit, a 40-day subscription to vegan meal-delivery service Purple Carrot and vegan treats.

"Each one of the 40 chickens eaten during this stunt was an individual who felt pain and fear and didn’t want to die," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "PETA can’t bring these birds back, but we can help the ‘Chicken Man’ become the ‘Vegan Man’ and save the lives of nearly 200 animals every year."

PETA went on to say living a vegan lifestyle sets people on a healthier path of reduced risk from heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer. 

On FOX 29’s Good Day, Tominsky brought attention to those who go hungry or experience food insecurity by encouraging those with ability to support Philabundance, in honor of his 40-day chicken-eating quest.

There’s no word on whether Tominsky would take PETA up on their challenge.