'We don't need anger': Woman pleads for peace in Philadelphia amid protests

Dozens of demonstrators hit the streets for a fourth consecutive day to protest throughout Philadelphia. Protesters like others across the country reacting to the death of George Floyd.

Protests on Tuesday stayed peaceful in contrast to prior days where riots led to looting and vandalism in the city. SKYFOX was over the group marching in Center City near city hall Tuesday as people marched they chanted the name of George Floyd. 

One woman at Tuesday’s demonstration, which was led by the Black Lives Matter movement, verbally chastised others for antagonizing Philadelphia police.  FOX 29 photojournalist Shane McEachern captured the impassioned plea on camera.

"We don’t need hate. We don’t need anger that is when it doesn't change. We have a job to do. These people have a job to do. All cops are not bad. All protesters are not bad, but we will not settle for you antagonizing the police," she said. 



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