Weather Authority: Calm Friday night leads to spotty weekend rain, storms

A beautiful Friday will wrap up with an equally pleasant overnight, but conditions will devolve as the weekend progresses with spotty showers that will worsen to thunderstorms by Sunday. 

Forecasters expect an overall calm spring night across the Delaware Valley with temperatures hovering in the 50s and 60s. Clouds will start to thicken overnight as a round of spotty showers approaches the region. 

A large system of rain will move into parts of southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey around noon. Saturday won't be a washout, though, as the rain showers will become disorganized and breakup throughout the afternoon. 

The disorganized system of rain could lead to some peaks of sunshine during the afternoon. Temperatures on Saturday will sit around the mid-70s in most areas. 

The weekend will wrap-up with a round of thunderstorms that will roll across the region during the afternoon and early evening. Areas north of Philadelphia, including central Jersey and the Lehigh Valley, should shoulder the brunt of the storms. 

Forecasters expect Sunday's round of storms to trigger some severe weather watches and warnings during the middle of the day. The storms will clear the coast during the evening leading to a calm night. 

The workweek will start with a warm and muggy Monday with temperatures nearing 90 and lots of sunshine. Conditions will stay the same on Tuesday before another chance of midweek rain.


Saturday: Scattered showers. High: 76, Low: 65

Sunday: Scattered p.m. storms. High: 81, Low: 65

Monday: Warm. muggy. High: 87, Low: 70

Tuesday: Stays warm. High: 87, Low: 68