Weather Authority: Chilly, rainy conditions continue as remnants from Ian move over the Delaware Valley

Rainy and chilly weather will continue to be the prominent weather makers as the remnants from Ian continue to move over the Delaware Valley. 

FOX 29's Sue Serio says the weather feels more like November rather than early October as below-average temperatures continue to linger. 

According to forecasters, temperatures should be in the low 70s this time of year, but the high for Tuesday is in the low 50s and the wind chill will make it feel like temperatures are in the 40s. 

Conditions will be damp and dreary throughout the morning on Tuesday before scattered showers move in during the afternoon. 

Some showers will linger overnight and impact parts of the area throughout the day on Wednesday. 

Looking ahead, conditions are set to improve with warming temperatures and sun. 



TUESDAY: Rain, wind, a storm. High: 53

WEDNESDAY: A.m. rain, windy. High: 60, Low: 53

THURSDAY: Sunny, warmer. High: 73, Low: 51

FRIDAY: Sunny, nice. High: 74, Low: 55

SATURDAY: Blustery. Chillier. High: 58, Low: 48

SUNDAY: Sunny, cool. High: 62, Low: 45

MONDAY: Sunny, cool. High: 65, Low: 45