Weather Authority: Clouds moving in overnight ahead of rainy Friday morning

After a mild and sunny Thanksgiving day, conditions are changing and bringing rain to the Delaware Valley for the weekend. 

Clouds are beginning to move across the area and rain will make its way into the area overnight, according to FOX 29's Drew Anderson. 

Showers will be spotty during the early hours of Friday morning, but become increasingly steady by 9 a.m. 

By the afternoon, rain will clear out and the sun will make a brief appearance before sundown. 

Forecasters say in addition to rain, Friday will also be windy and cold. 

Looking ahead, windy conditions will subside Saturday for a comfortable and sunny day with temperatures in the 50s. 

Sunday will be a washout with windy conditions and rain for most of the day, but it will clear out just in time for the Eagles game. 



FRIDAY: Morning showers. High: 52, Low: 42

SATURDAY: A windy morning. High: 54, Low: 38

SUNDAY: Windy & rainy. High: 58, Low: 42

MONDAY: Windy & cold. High: 54, Low: 48

TUESDAY: A nice day. High: 58, Low: 34

WEDNESDAY: Windy & rainy. High: 62, Low: 44

THURSDAY: Much colder. High: 48, Low: 42