Weather Authority: More spring snow possible Saturday, Monday

We may be almost a week into April, but that doesn't mean we have outrun the threat of snow!

We're keeping our eyes on another weekend system that is expected to bring some precipitation to parts of the Delaware Valley on Saturday.

Friday will be a bit warmer with a high of just about 60 degrees. Come Saturday things will be cooling down as a system brings precipitation to the area.

While most areas can expect mostly rain with this system, the cooler temps could turn some of that into snow or wintry mix Saturday morning.

The temperatures are the most important factor with this system, and with temps expected to stay mostly above freezing snow in the upper atmosphere will likely turn to rain by the time it hits the ground.

Highs are expected to stay in the 40s through the day Saturday, and it will be more of the same Sunday.

We'll have yet another threat of wintry precipitation come Monday morning as things start off around freezing with precipitation expected.