Weather Authority: Overnight showers lead to cool, cloudy Tuesday

Tuesday will not be as warm and sunny as Monday as cool temperatures and clouds make their way through the Delaware Valley. 

The morning's rain is due to a low-pressure system moving in from the south and a high-pressure system to the north bringing in air off the ocean, according to FOX 29's Sue Serio. 

As a result, it will be cloudy even when it is not raining. 

Temperatures are expected to be in the 60s with a chance to hit 70 degrees in some parts of the Delaware Valley. 

Looking ahead, the next significant chance of rain is Friday and there's a low chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday. 



TUESDAY: AM shower, cool. High: 68

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. High: 73, Low: 54

THURSDAY: Shower chance. High: 72, Low: 54

FRIDAY: Showers, PM storms. High: 82, Low: 66

SATURDAY: Slight chance of rain. High: 80, Low: 65

SUNDAY: Sunny, nice. High: 82, Low: 63

MONDAY: Memorial Day. High: 85, Low: 65