Weather Authority: Sunny Sunday turns to evening storms ahead of another hot week

Start your morning off with some sunshine on Sunday!

Pleasant weekend weather continues in the morning hours before a touch of humidity and clouds in the evening.

Those clouds keep the temperature before 90 with a high of 88 degrees. They also bring some rain with a some showers in the evening

A full day of cloudy skies keeps temperatures in the mid 80s on Mondays before another hot week.

The heat makes its return Tuesday with the sun as 90-degree weather is expected Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - along with some humidity!


SUNDAY: Becoming cloudy. High: 86

MONDAY: A few storms. High: 84, Low: 74

TUESDAY: Hot, humid. High: 92, Low: 72

WEDNESDAY: Sunny skies. High: 94, Low: 74

THURSDAY: Evening storm. High: 98, Low: 76

FRIDAY: Scattered storms. High: 88, Low: 76

SATURDAY: Warm and sunny. High: 90, Low: 70