Westampton Township police officers deliver pizza to 300 families

Police officers in Westampton Township went above and beyond and delivered pizza to 300 families free of charge to show their appreciation to those staying home.

“As a law enforcement officer and working on the streets of Westampton Township, I obviously can tell that there are a significant amount of families that are abiding by the governor’s guidelines to stay home," Westampton Township  Sergeant  Andrew Brewer told FOX 29. 

We have all seen the respect shown to the first responders and rightfully so, but Sgt. Brewer and the Westampton Township police took a second to flip the script.

He knows the first responders are on the front lines of the coronavirus battle but they also know that familes staying at home, in some cases out of work, struggling is a sacrifice as well.  And they wanted them to know, they appreciate you.

“We did an event called "Pizza Night Stay at Home" and as a result we were able to utilize three pizza parlors in Westampton Township to deliver pizzas to 300 families in Westampton Township free of charge," Sgt. Brewer added.

Many of the officers joined in delivering the pizzas to their neighbors and the amount of calls they received showed showed the community was thankful.

“We appreciate it from a law enforcement perspective and it was great to do something for the community and give back to them to show our respect for them," Sgt. Brewer said.

Read the comments on their social media and its clear the respect is mutual as well as leading to the community nominating them as heroes something Sgt Brewer appreciated.

“Well, it is an honor for our police department to be recognized for that," he said. “Give the respect where its due with this COVID-19 and that is our hospitals, the nurses, the doctors, they deserve to be heroes day in and day out," Sgt. Brewer added.

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