What do kids want for Christmas this year? We mic'd up Santa to find out

Every year, children all over the county, grab their wish list and head out to visit Santa Claus. The children visiting the King of Prussia Mall, let Santa know exactly what’s on their list.

While Santa is no snitch, he wore a microphone for us so we could get a better idea of what kids were asking for this year.

“Girls want Barbie dolls and American Girl dolls and boys want trucks and tractors, and Hess trucks,” Santa said. 

As the years change, the gifts pretty much stay the same, but their lists are a little more detailed.

“I've had type-written six-page letters with prices at three different stores for each item, so Santa knows where the best buy is. It is unbelievable,” said Santa

Throughout the day, kids young and old stop by to say hello.

This Santa Claus keeps the spirit of Christmas lasting year-round.

“I love going into a grocery store and there are kids misbehaving. I will stand there and go like this…they see me and they go like this and they poke their brother, hey there is Santa be careful. The mom will turn and say thank you Santa,” he explained.