What is a fidget spinner?

Just when you thought that you could beat your kids at bottle flipping, they're already on to the next fad. Introducing the fidget spinner. Kids young and not so young have now gotten more fidgety.

This finger flicking gadget has been spinning off store shelves, according to Samantha, the sales clerk from modern news on the upper east side. She says the store can't keep them on the shelf.

So what exactly is a fidget spinner? It's a three-pronged gadget made of plastic and steel that spins around a bearing.

Dr. Matthew Lorber, a child psychiatrist with Lenox Hill Hospital, says that the fidget spinner can be more than just a toy for kids with ADHD.

"Studies have consistently showed that kids with ADHD need almost a distraction to be able to focus on what they're doing," he says. "Meaning that their brain will selectively focus on the task at hand if there's something else that child is playing with."

Dr. Lorber says that the fidget spinner helps with the child's focus.

"What's most appealing to children is that once they start using it they find that they're doing a better job on their schoolwork," he says.

You can personalize your spinner with different color wheels and even pick up a few to go along with your emoji mood.

Kids have even found a way to compete with their fidgets. They set them down to spin them and the competition is to see whose will spin the longest.

Also, a fidget cube keeps your hands occupied.

Both gadgets have been known to help people with autism and anxiety. They also help musicians warm up their fingers before a performance. The average cost is between $5 and $15.

If your store is sold out, there are plenty of them online.