Wheelchair lift gives Logan teen new opportunities for independence

A happy ending to a story first reported August 2018. A teenage girl who uses a wheelchair just got a lift to help her get out of her home.

The original problem…the family's insurance would not cover one.

"Right now, her 80-year-old grandfather and her dad take her out every day to school," said mom Margaret Littlejohn.

"It's like a whole process," said Keather Littlejohn.

The Littlejohn family struggled over the summer of 2018.

But, Keather comes and goes easily today, on her own, using a motorized wheelchair lift.

"I finally got my lift!" exclaimed Keather.

According to Keather and her mom, how she got the vital equipment is simply awesome. People donated thousands of dollars, their time and skills through Help Hope Live (search Keather), a medical fundraising nonprofit helping hardworking families like Keather's struggling through a life-changing event like the car crash that left the Girls High honor role student with a spinal cord injury.

"I can't express how grateful we are. We didn't expect this, after everything that happened," Margaret explained.

They certainly didn't expect two anonymous donations - $10,000 each - after Keather's story aired on FOX 29 in August 2018.

"You don't know how much this impacted our lives. To go and do what we need to do, as opposed to waiting for everyone to help us out," Margaret added.

"I've been out with my friends more. We've been hanging out," Keather said. "Thank you so much. It's changed my life tremendously in a good way."
"You can't stop smiling," said FOX 29's Joyce Evans.
"No, I can't!" Keather exclaimed.