"Wil Can Fly": Photo Series Hopes To Help Others With Down Syndrome

(WTXF)- A young boy with Down Syndrome has been given an opportunity to fly, thanks to his father, Alan.

When his 17 month old son Wil first came into the world, Alan and his family weren't sure what the future held for them. They soon learned that their 5th addition to the family would open the door, and their eyes to countless experiences and happiness.

Alan Lawrence is a photographer and also runs thatdadblog.com.

In the video above, Alan explains that as soon as Wil learned to roll over onto his belly, he began to put his arms back behind him as if he were flying.

So, Alan put his photography skills to the test, in a very important project. He began creating composite photographs of Wil flying through different scenes.

The results were breathtaking. Family and friends loved the idea.

In the video Alan says, "These photos took on a whole new meaning for us, in a way that, even though Wil has Down Syndrome, we know that he will be able to do anything he puts his mind to. Wil can fly."

The family has now set up a KickStarter Page to create a series of Wil can fly calendars, to help them share their message for years to come. The calendars would be sold to help fundraise for the Down Syndrome community, as half of the proceeds would go to, Ruby's Rainbows, and Reece's Rainbows.

Those foundations help infants with Down Syndrome be placed in a loving home, and give adults with Down Syndrome an opportunity to go to college.