Wild video: Florida man survives 60-foot plunge into creek with minor injuries

A Florida man plummeted into a creek from what he said was a 60-foot-tall tree and, surprisingly, he only had minor injuries.

Christopher James Sikes Smalley told Storyful he was about to jump from a tree at Crystal Springs, a local swimming spot in Vernon, when the branch he was standing on broke, causing him to fall into the water.

His fall, which was captured on camera, showed Smalley striking other branches on the way down before landing in the water. 


"The fall was crazy. I knew when I heard the branch crack that it just got real and I was going down," Smalley told Storyful. "It was the first time at that height. I jump from the branch I hit on the way down all the time."

Smalley said he suffered bruising on his legs and feet injuries but did not break or fracture any bones.