Willow Grove Advanced Urgent Care reopens after raid

The Advanced Urgent Care facility on Easton Road in Willow Grove is back in business and business is booming.

Several people were out front and up to 40 men and women in the waiting room. This, just a week and change after the doors here were locked when federal agents came calling.

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Shawn Harper's brother is a patient here.

"The idea of this place being raided. Oh, it's not good. It's not good at all. I guess I'll let him know," he said.

Last Monday, agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration's task force charged with rooting out so-called 'pill mills'--medical facilities that over-prescribe dangerous opioids-- carted boxes of records out of this office. They also raided several other clinics linked to a to Dr. Mehdi Nikpavar-Fard.

Back in 2013, Dr. Nick as he's known prescribed 180 pain pills after a brief first visit by a FOX 29 Investigates staffer posing as a patient. The doctor is currently in a federal lock-up on unrelated charges.

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Back at Advanced Urgent Care, an office manager had no comment on business and escorted FOX 29's Bruce Gordon out of the building.

Federal authorities say the practice is allowed to reopen. They say their's is an ongoing investigation. If we know the place is back up and running, it's a safe bet the feds do as well.

As for patients caught in the middle?

Well, David Still's sister is treated here.

"She was in a bad car accident. A very bad car accident and this is where her specialist sent her," he said.

"You feel like your sister's gotten good care here?" FOX 29's Bruce Gordon asked. "Yes, yes, yeah," Still replied.