Wilmington little league team comes close to Little League World Series

It was a special day for some little league players in Wilmington. The Naaman’s Little League team is just one win away from advancing in the Little League World Series.

At Stanley’s Tavern, dozens of folks cheered on their favorite little league team, taking on Holidaysburg in the national spotlight. In Delaware, the players feel more like family than friends.

"Everybody feels like a familial connection to the players and two of the parents are personal friends of mine. One of whom I played with a Naamans Little League. So we all feel part of it. The whole area is very excited," explained Newcastle County Executive Matt Meyer.

"For a small state, you know, this is a big deal for us. I think we get disrespected a lot in the tri-state area," fan Mike Querey commented.

"Any time you see Delaware on a national stage, it’s a big deal. Especially from a high school down situation. Because, it just doesn’t happen very often," fan Max Drzymalski said.

But, despite a valiant effort, the boys came up short, losing seven to three. Catcher Luke Luzader’s aunt and uncle say they’re obviously disappointed, but so very proud of him and the whole team.

"They’re a great bunch of boys. The parents are great. They’re always cheering everybody on, even for the other team, which is nice. But, it’s sad. They worked really hard, but it just wasn’t their game," Melissa Costa said.

"Not many kids at their age can say they’ve been where they’ve been. They’ve done well and they’re young. They’re gonna do better, I have faith in them," Mike Costa added.