Woman claims she was held back from boarding flight because of her transgender status

A transgender woman posted to Twitter expressing her feelings of anger and humiliation on Monday claiming that she had been held back by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents as she tried to board a plane departing Orlando, Storyful reports.

"I am being held by the TSA in Orlando because of an 'anomaly' (my penis)," Shady Petosky tweeted.

She added, "The TSA has left me in a room alone. There is an officer holding the door."

Petosky claims that she was held back because of her status as a trans person.

"I fly all the time and this has never happened," she tweeted. "I really thought the TSA was good about trans issues. I am so dumb."

Since then, Petosky has been released from TSA custody, but was still stuck in Orlando after missing her flight.

Now, people are taking to social media in her defense and support. They have also expressed outrage at the TSA.

One Twitter user wrote, "Dear TSA: in no way are genitals or gender identity a security issue. Your behavior is reprehensible and inexcusable."