Woman Claims Uber Driver Attacked her because she was on the Phone

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QUEENSLAND - An Australian woman claims that an Uber driver attacked her because she wouldn't stop talking on the phone.

Sascha Pangallo, 24, of Queensland, got into an Uber car on Friday night, while on the phone.

In a post on her Facebook page, Pangallo says, "After refusing to put my destination into his GPS he requested my directing (which I had no problem with) however I was on an important phone call and during one of the directions he snapped and screamed at me in a very aggressive manner. He then pulled the car over continued to scream "get out of my car" multiple times whilst getting very physical, grabbing me and trying to drag me out of the car."

Pangallo says the driver, named 'Paul' allegedly took off in a rage, running over her leg in the process.

"My door was still open as I was frantically trying to grab my bags out of the car," she says. "And before I could get away I was thrown to the ground and my leg was being run over."

Pangallo was taken to the hospital after the incident, where she suffered a possible broken leg and suspected blood clots.

A spokesperson from Uber told The Daily Mail, "We have a strict policy to deactivate any partner that exhibits aggressive or abusive behavior and we have removed this driver from our platform. Safety is our top priority and we will work with the authorities on their investigation. Our thoughts are with the injured woman and we wish her a full and speedy recovery."