Woman Confronts Man Accused of Secretly Filming Women

Boston, MA--Video recorded by a woman, as she follows a man on the street in Boston, accusing him of recording women without their consent is going viral.

The man tries walking away from Jase Dillan as she films him for several minutes. According to Dillan, she started watching the man after he allegedly recorded her groin and buttocks area. Then, she says she watched from three feet away as he allegedly filmed other women.

"I'm sorry am I making you feel uncomfortable? You don't like being filmed without your permission?" Dillan says in the video.

The man is not being identified because he not being investigated or charged. According to FOX 25, there is little police can do because is perfectly legal to use your phone or any camera to record anyone walking down the street.

Dillan posted the video to Facebook and as of this writing it has been shared over 48,000 times.