Woman creates GoFundMe to make gowns for stillborn babies from donated dresses

A dressmaker based in Cardiff, Wales, has been making a difference for parents with stillborn children by turning second-hand wedding dresses, and other donated clothing items, into clothes the babies can wear for their "final farewell."

Looking forward to join this charity in making second hand wedding dresses into beautiful 'Angel gowns and wraps'For...

Lisha Thomas set up Angel Gowns at the start of February and on February 13 set up a GoFundMe page to help with donations towards the project.

Thomas has been donating the clothing she makes to Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies UK, who then distribute the items to parents and families in need.

Wow the donations are just from Somerset! Already have cut up 2 dresses so it's -2 dresses but wow! 󾌧

Angel Gowns has been such a success for Thomas that she called out for volunteers to help her, rather than donate dresses, in a Facebook post on February 20.

The GoFundMe page has raised a total of £65 donated out of a hopeful total of £250.