Woman hoping to return gold ring found on subway to rightful owner

The morning commute can be hectic, especially in Philadelphia on a damp and dreary day.

Taylor Campbell, 25, barely made the 8 a.m. train on SEPTA's Market-Frankford line at 15th Street when something caught her eye.

"I was watching where I'm stepping and I saw this ring on the ground," Campbell said.

Upon first glance, Campbell was not sure if the ring was costume jewlery or something valuable.

"I had two stops to stare at it as people got on and off," Campbell said. "Nobody was paying attention to it, so I just picked it up."

Turns out that Campbell made the right decision when she picked up the 14-karat gold ring.

"It's really pretty, it has different metals, some small stones on it," Campbell said.

Campbell, a ring-lover herself, has since posted the ring to Facebook and Twitter in hopes of finding its rightful owner.

"I'm just a very sentimental person and most jewelry, especially rings are sentimental, like you keep it close to your hands," Campbell said.

Campbell remembers the crushing feeling of losing her grandmother's ring which had been passed down to her from her aunt. She hopes to alleviate that pain from whoever misplaced their ring.

If you or someone you know is the rightful owner of the ring, you can contact Taylor here.