Woman loses engagement and class ring at King of Prussia Mall

A frantic bride-to-be needs your help. She says she lost her engagement and class ring in the parking lot of the King of Prussia Mall last weekend. Now, she's hoping a Good Samaritan will step up.

Immah Vonjo's Monday morning tweet only hinted at her frustration: "In this day and age," she wrote, "Everything can go viral. PLEASE repost and help me find my rings!"

Days later, she's still wringing her hands.

How does it feel to have no ring on either hand?

"Very naked!"

Vonjo says she was sitting in her SUV in the parking lot of the King of Prussia Mall Saturday night, near Dick's Sporting Goods and took off her diamond engagement ring and high school class ring to put some lotion on her hands.

She says she placed the rings on her lap and believes they fell to the parking lot when she got out of the vehicle to shop.

A while later, as Immah left the mall, she realized her rings were missing.

"If you could feel your heart drop or your body drop-- like an out-of-body-- that's what I felt," she explained to FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. "And I just said, 'okay, let's think positive thoughts!' Let's hope that it's in the car or on the ground or something along those lines.


Her fiance, Romance Turner, has been a good sport about the loss. They are planning a 2019 wedding. But he spent Sunday tearing her vehicle apart, removing the front seats and pulling up the carpet.

For her part, Immah says she's reported the lost rings to mall security and to local police, scoured social media and checked out area pawn shops.

She's pretty certain someone has found her rings.

Now, she hopes they'll return them, especially that engagement ring.

"I know it's a material possession," she says, "but it definitely has sentimental value."

If you know of the rings' whereabouts, please reach out to FOX 29's Bruce Gordon and we'll make the connection.