Woman shocked after deer crashes into Princeton home

If you live in the suburbs you're used to seeing deer all the time, but imagine one breaking into your home and causing quite a scene.

"The resident said she heard a big crash--a boom--a lot of commotion when she went to the front door she found a full-size deer in her house," Jim Ferry with Animal Control said.

"Did I hear it?? It was tremendous I thought it was a tremendous thunder clap," resident Naomi Chandler said. "I don't know what possessed it I've never seen a deer right up here this close they're always out back."

Emergency responders told her to find a safe room and close the door as they tried to figure out how to get the deer out of her first floor where it appeared to be scared and confused.

"Any animal that cornered could put up a fight. Deer have hooves that are very sharp and strong and powerful," Ferry said.

So, they went around the back, popped open a screen and then: "I removed the door used it as a shield and it went down and turn the hallway right out the back door," Ferry said.

Fortunately, their plan was effective and no one was injured.