Woman takes car for test drive, doesn't return

A Hall County car dealership needs help finding a woman who took a car for a test drive and never came back.

It happened at KAR Kingdom located on Atlanta Highway in Buford. The owners told FOX 5's Morse Diggs they have been at the location for five years and have a lenient policy to test drive a car alone, but they never had someone not come back. That is until Wednesday when a cheerful, unidentified woman came to the small dealership.

"She comes into the office and says she saw the vehicle online for sale, so I asked her if she wanted to test drive it," said employee Corey Washington.

Washington said he got a copy of her license and after some small talk, he escorted her to the 2005 Chrysler Pacifica.

"Usually the average test drive is about 15 minutes, but after about an hour, and I looked around the lot, and I didn't see a vehicle she came in. So, I was like 'Let me call the number to make sure she was okay.' So, I called and it's a false number," said Washington. "I had a feeling, and it was like 30 minutes before closing, so I kind of had an idea that it was something sketchy going on by then."

Washington said they will adjust their test driving policy, but will still let people text drive alone, if they leave a set of keys.

"We usually let them take them, but within five years of doing business, we haven't had any problems like this," said Washington.

Washington said if the woman had some sort of emergency and couldn't get back or make contact, that as long as she brings the car back undamaged, they will not pursue charges.