Woman takes photo of spirit hovering in flames and smoke on her property

A woman claims to have seen a spirit in clouds of smoke as a fire burned on her property in Idaho.

Jeanette Empey took the photo during a fire at her ranch in Bone. According to the Daily Mail, its near where the Henry's Creek Fire burned across more than 50,000 acres.

She calls the spirit, "the fireman's guardian."

"Check out this photo. If you look closely you can see the "fireman's guardian". A ghostly figure floating above the tree. I love it," Empey wrote on Facebook.

She also posted two photos of the "ghost" which have been shared more than 1200 times.

"In the first photograph there is a real live fireman standing near a tree. You can see his yellow coat," she wrote.

"In the second photo I zoomed in on the first photo and you can see the guardian ghost in the cloud."

Friends were quick to comment on the photos saying they also saw something that looked like a person in the smoke, while others didn't quite get the hype.

"This is amazing Jeanette!!! Thank u for sharing."

"I totally just thought it was a tree in the distance," another said.