Woman who thinks she's being robbed by 'gang' actually gets proposal instead

Many women dream of dramatic proposals, but not as dramatic as this.

When a Kentucky couple was approached by a 'gang' and a cop, she didn't expecte the scenario to end with a song and a ring.

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Even though Amanda, the woman in the video, was clueless, her new fiance, Taylor, was in on the joke the whole time.

Tom Mabe, a comedian from Louisville, told InsideEdition.com that he met Taylor years ago. Taylor, from Lebanon, reached out for advice on stand-up comedy.

The two kept in touch through Facebook, when Mabe said he noticed Taylor begin to post pictures of his newborn son, Bodie, on Facebook.

"I messaged him, asking 'Did you get married?', and he said he couldn't afford a wedding," Mabe told IE.com. "I wanted to give them a nice memory."

Mabe brought together his controversial, but comic singing group, Linkin' Bridge.

"Not only are they great singers, they're pretty decent actors." Mabe said. The chorus pulled a singing prank earlier this year where they acted like a gang and knocked on doors, but sang Christmas carols to people who opened up their home instead.

Mabe then donned a pretend cop's uniform and hatched his plan.

Tom told InsideEdition.com he was originally worried he would have some trouble with the mock police's uniform, but he enlistd the help of an off-duty officer, who was willing to supervise and clarify in case the situation got out of hand.

The couple can be seen in the video walking up to a restaurant. Suddenly, a band of tough-looking men, who were really members of Linkin' Bridge, approach and try to provoke them.

Mabe, dressed as a police officer, then bicycles up to the group and tries to break up the assembly, when one of the "gangsters" points at Tom and accuses him of carrying a gun.

"No, no, we never did..." Amanda can be heard saying with a shaky voice from Mabe's 'bodycam'.

Mabe immediately had Taylor put his hands behind his back, but instead of putting handcuffs on Taylor, Mabe handed him a ring

Within seconds, the "gang" started snapping their fingers, and burst into song.

"The f***!" Amanda can be seen saying, as Taylor drops down to his knees, and presents her the ring. She drops everything in her hands, in disbelief, before she nods, "Yes."

"I was crying, it was very emotional," Mabe said. The off-duty cop who had been watching from afar even approached the couple to say his congratulations.

"She was beyond words," Mabe told IE.com after the emotional affair. "She just said thank you."

The comedian said that was his plan all along: "One extreme emotion to the next. From fear to love."

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